A Journey Through Grief and Loss : An Eight Week Process

As members of Four Winds Native American Ministry we believe in the one true God, Edoda, our Creator in whom we live and move and have our being and in no other way. We believe in our Creator's chosen son and our brother, Tsisa, who became the Christ embodied and gave of himself that we may live. We further believe in and honor Adanvdo, the Holy Spirit, who blesses those who trust in Edoda and provides the gifts of spirit. Many Native American peoples also respect the Corn Mother, Selu, who is believed to be another name for Mari, the mother of Tsisa. Our belief's are founded on our core values of honoring the sacredness of Edoda and of all life and of being of good service to our Creator and all of creation. At the table of our Creator we come together in the spirit of Gadugi, community and service, recognizing that all are welcome and that we are responsible for helping to improve the quality of life for all our sisters and brothers.


Four Winds Native American Ministry (USA) was founded in August of 1994, originally known as Gadohi Usquanigodi NASC, in Taos, New Mexico. Our ministry is based on the Cherokee egalitarian theology of inclusion, meaning all people are valued and welcome, and founded on the traditional principles and teachings of American Indian spiritual values, beliefs, practices, and culture as well as the Native American Christian experience. The Old Ones tell us that long ago Tsisa came to the people to share in the gift of life and living in right relationship with Edoda and all of creation. Through this we gain wisdom to take right action.

Founded by Rev. Bill Running Wolf, M.Div, MSW, PC and with the help and support of many elders, we continue to practice the spirit of Gadugi (community and service) through the sharing of regular Ganvnowa Ceremony (Prayer Circles), Medicine Wheel Teachings, Cedar Blessing Ceremony and other forms of regular praise and worship. Through this we assist community members in growing and evolving their relationship with our Edoda and all others as human beings and spiritual beings in a good and healthy way.

"Tsi Tsa taught us to give of ourselves that others may live." - RW

​What we Believe